Reduced slow moving inventory for a leading eyewear company

Devlyn is the biggest Eyewear and Optical company in Mexico. Devlyn faced a growing challenge of an accumulation of slow-moving inventory. Slow movers in stores occupied shelf space, blocked cash which was otherwise needed for refreshment of new products and replenishment of fast movers, and seriously compromised a store’s ability to utilize traffic and convert it to sales.
However, a cross-store sales analysis revealed that most of the slow movers were in fact not bad products, but actually stocked out fast movers in other stores.
Devlyn began using Onebeat’s solutions with the aim of releasing cash tied up in slow movers in stores and at the same time, improving availability of stores’ fast movers. During the first 6 months from initial Go Live, Devlyn increased the purchasing budget gradually, enabling fulfillment of inventory which was needed for its business.

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