Retail footwear has undergone a revolution in the last decade. Increasing competition from online retailers ‒ as well the expansion of global players into local markets ‒ pose significant challenges and offer unique opportunities for growth.

You need to support large size curves and a multitude of colors, styles, and widths while dealing with limited display space and significant differences between stores. To further complicate the situation, the typically long lifecycle is being constantly reduced as consumer demand for freshness increases and new product introductions become more frequent.

In this rapidly evolving landscape, you need to find efficient ways to manage your inventory with solutions tailored to your complex needs.

Onebeat for Footwear tackles these critical issues, ensuring you of rapid and ongoing improvement. From flexible planning and buying, through optimized allocation, replenishment, broken set consolidation, and slow-mover rotation – we have you covered.

We have been advising footwear retailers for over a decade, and we know the business inside and out. The solutions we have developed solve today’s most pressing concerns, and prepare you for tomorrow.

Enabling agile planning, dynamic execution, and real-time, store-by-store, item-by-item optimization, Onebeat increases your profitability while decreasing your risk  and makes your life so much easier!

Bottom-up, customer-centric merchandise plan
Size curve management: Initial allocation (extreme sizes)
Dynamic and reactive inventory management + Refreshment
Broken set consolidation
Store transfers
Slow mover liquidation
Onebeat helped us to improve product availability and the quality of inventory in the different stores. It helps us to manage the catalogue according to actual client preferences. Jose Angel Reyes – Supply Chain Manager, Dportenis
Increase (Full Price) Sales
Inventory Reduction
Merchandise Effectiveness
Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty