Jewelry retailers face a number of unique challenges. Jewelry consumers have always been especially demanding ‒ but in today’s hyper-competitive world, shoppers are more knowledgeable and demanding than ever before, and have a multitude of options, including e-tailers and department stores. Jewellery items are expensive, not only for consumers, but for retailers as well ‒ resulting in high inventory costs and limited item availability for each store. In addition, buyers of high-end jewelry demand exceptional customer service that includes maintaining assortments customized to their tastes. Onebeat for Jewelry automatically segments and classifies products based on their contribution to sales, and differentiates how each product is treated.

This segmentation ensures exceptional availability of best sellers, an on-going liquidation and rotation of slow-movers, and a dynamic and customized assortment for each store ‒ maximizing your revenue from every client. We understand the pressures you face ‒ because we have been advising jewelry retailers for over a decade ‒ and have developed solutions that meet these critical challenges. Enabling agile planning, dynamic execution, and real-time, store-by-store, item-by-item optimization, OneBeat increases your profitability while decreasing your risk and makes your life so much easier.

Dynamic Category Planning
Rule-Based Allocation: Product segmentation
Inter-Store Tail Rotation
I am happy to share that, at last, after many years of search, by associating ourselves with Onebeat, we have found the right science, helping us to have the right merchandise mix, at any given point of time, in each one of our stores. L R Natarajan – CMO, Tanishq
Improved ROI
Reduced Stock
Increased Freshness
Enhanced Assortment Effectiveness