Managing a huge variety of seasonal collections in the fashion industry

Founded in 1995, Aramis is the leader in the male fashion clothes segment of sophisticated casual. Aramis is a multichannel business consisting of retail stores, franchisees, multi-brand wholesale and the digital channel, all omni integrated. With 98 retail stores, Aramis is recognized for having the biggest gross margin in its category.

The biggest well-known challenge in the fashion industry is how to manage the huge variety of seasonal collections, achieving the lowest level of leftovers without losing opportunity of sales, and also guarantee a high level of availability of the permanent items getting all of their potential of sales, out of increasing the investment on inventory. Aramis is not different in this regard. Even with other automatic replenishment systems, they were suffering from an unbalanced supply chain, high inventory levels, high levels of leftovers and also shortages of stores.

Onebeat is committed to helping retailers, wholesalers, and brands achieve excellent results through operational excellence and innovation. Onebeat has attacked the S&OE environment by replacing the current replenishment system with Onebeat’s Real-Time Learning Algorithm.

Onebeat implementation started in an assisted mode to get the trust and confidence of the client team, even because another solution was already in place. However, only after 2 weeks, the level of confidence was so good that it was decided to roll out in automatic mode replacing 100% the previous solution. After 2 months of using Onebeat’s solution, the inventory level of permanent items had achieved more than 20% of reduction with almost 100% availability.

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