AI Based Automated
Inventory Optimization

Reality changes every day. Having a good plan is not sufficient.
Onebeat follows market trends in real time and adjusts the execution to meet reality.

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The Challenge

Retail. Redesigned.

Today’s retailers face an expanding array of challenges. Dealing with an ever-growing demand for personalization and freshness from consumers while handling new and fierce competition from e-tailers and global players, requires a new and innovative approach to retail planning and execution.

Onebeat is an innovative and consumer-centric platform specifically designed to help you meet these challenges, with a set of ingenious yet intuitive solutions.

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Stock Outs Reduction
Store's Sale Growth
Inventory Reduction
Assortment Planning

Build your assortment from the bottom up, based on category-store performance.

Stock-Target Optimization

Dynamically adjust inventory of each location-SKU, based on sales and required service level.

Store Transfers

Balance inventory across the supply chain.

Demand Planning

Easily generate complex and multi-attribute forecasts.


Calculate optimal introduction quantities for each SKU in every location.

Collection Management

Manage multiple in-season capsule introductions.

Companies worldwide
Stores replenished daily
Managed SKUs
Managed Stock Value

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