Primary Challenge:

Managing assortment across categories

Negative Consequence:

Heavy reliance on promotions to remove old merchandise from the stores compromises margins and returns

Our Approach:

Effective Assortment module monitors the performance of every category and adjusts its range accordingly

The result:


sales increase


Inventory decline

We Know your Industry

Liquor retailers need to manage proper assortments across categories. Mismatches result in overstocking of slow-moving products requiring promotions. Margins are compromised. At the same time, too narrow assortments result in missing out on saleable items.

The Onebeat Effective Assortment module monitors the performance of every category and adjusts its range accordingly. Tracking the performance of each SKU/location enables you to quickly identify and maximize the availability of fast movers. Fast replenishment to actual demand enables lower inventories without compromising availability.

Smart Replenishment
Prioritized replenishment based on actual sales potential.
Store Transfer
Fulfill sales potential and eliminate waste by transferring stock between stores based on actual stores’ performance data.
Slow Movers Liquidation
Maximize portfolio effectiveness. Minimize non moving stock liquidation.
“Onebeat came as an intelligence tool to help us optimize the customer experience at stores, ensuring we have the right inventory at the right place to prevent us from missing the product and shrink our total inventory investment. We had amazing results only after six months of implementation. On average, we achieved a 25% reduction in inventory in our own stores, with some stores achieving a much larger reduction of 60%. At the same time, our shrinking shortage went from 9%, which means we don’t have the product that the client is looking for, to a 6% shortage level.”
Alexandre Bratt
CEO of Grand Cru

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