Bring your plan to life - with Onebeat Execution!

The Onebeat Execution Suite is an advanced and robust platform that ensures full synchronization of your operations. Handling ultra-complex allocation plans – including wide-ranging arrays of attributes, parameters, and themes – it enables you to perfectly execute your plan and ensure full alignment between your vision and reality.

Allocation Execution

Onebeat Execution offers an advanced yet intuitive allocation engine that performs both pre-season planning and in-season allocation of new products to stores. The system handles complex allocations strategies, including capsules, stories and mini-collections. By performing ongoing analysis of historical and recent sales data as well as space and financial considerations, Onebeat ensures the correct allocation of products and collections before and during the season. In addition, Onebeat analyzes and calculates the optimal size curves for every product in each location, determining which sizes go to which stores.

Lifecycle Execution

Onebeat Lifecycle enables planning and setting customized product journeys ‒ from introduction through promotion, markdown, and phase-out. The multi-step and easily configurable solution handles assignments of service levels and other parameters as well as operational policies, during the product lifecycle, to ensure the right behavior for each product at any given time. Onebeat provides a simple and effective platform for planning and executing promotions as well as seasonal and special events, and incorporates event details into the Inventory and Merchandise Management Plan.

Supply Chain Execution

Onebeat Supply Chain offers a holistic and synchronized approach to supply chain management. Based on demand driven analytics, the system is able to create a strong connection between operations and the actual demand of the end consumer. Onebeat captures detailed demand data from all channels, simultaneously handling multiple distribution centers and complex supply chain Structures. Onebeat generates recommendations for in-season buying and production, and monitors and prioritizes fulfilment based on actual demand and current inventory in the stores to provide the highest ROI.

Avoid Excess Stock
Store-Specific Allocation Strategy
Reduce Reaction Time
Full Supply Chain Synchronization
Reduce Cross - Transfers & Reverse Logistics