Never stop improving - with Onebeat Holistic Optimization!

Onebeat’s Holistic Optimization Suite uses advanced demand-driven analytics to ensure ongoing improvement of execution plans. It continuously monitors demand patterns of all items and categories in every location and reacts in real time, instantly identifying misalignments between your plan and the evolving reality. Onebeat offers superior optimization tools for managing every aspect of your operation – from in-season inventory management and replenishment to on-going merchandise and assortment optimization.

Inventory Optimization

Onebeat monitors the actual demand of each SKU at every location independently and reacts in real time to ensure the optimal inventory target and service level for every product at any given time. Onebeat’s dynamic product lifecycle platform, follows each product’s performance and availability throughout its life, and makes required adjustments to capitalize on opportunities such as early liquidation, lifecycle extension and promotion management.

Assortment Optimization

Onebeat Assortment Optimization enables the creation of customized store-specific assortments, based on actual in-season demand. Dynamic Category Management monitors the performance of each category in every store and adjusts each store’s assortment to reflects actual consumer demand. Any misalignment between the plan and the actual assortment is immediately mitigated by an intuitive and effective performance-based Allocation and Liquidation engine.

Replenishment Optimization

Onebeat Replenishment analyzes and suggests the best method of replenishment, either from the distribution center or by utilizing stock from other locations and store transfers. By using advanced demand-driven analytics, Onebeat ensures that inventory is always distributed to the locations where it will have the highest sales potential to maximize sell-through and ROI. Onebeat Replenishment considers various logistical and financial constraints and policies to generate an agile and cost effective replenishment mechanism.

Avoid Excess Inventory
Targeted, Store-Specific Assortments
Increase ROI
Optimal Service Level for Each SKU in Every Location
Maximize Sell-Through