Take the guesswork out of planning ‒ with onebeat!

Building a plan is not easy! You need to take into consideration continuously shifting parameters – including long lead times, consumer preferences, constant pressure for freshness, variations in lifecycles, and differences between stores.

This increasing complexity poses a significant challenge to planners and merchandisers who must constantly balance the need for scientific quantitative analysis with the art of building attractive and powerful collections.

Onebeat’s intuitive planning solution does the analytics for you, handling your complex environment with a straightforward, simplified approach that frees your artists to concentrate on what they do best – Create!

Combining the benefits of Bottom-Up and Top-Down planning, Onebeat meshes consumer-centric analysis with strategic and budget-driven planning. Leveraging the best of both worlds, Onebeat’s advanced algorithms analyze every category’s performance at every store, as well as your high-level budget strategy, and aligns them perfectly according to your evolving reality.

Onebeat ensures continuously optimized decisions regarding your merchandise mix and product journeys for every store and every item. It increases your profits by boosting sales, with fewer markdowns, and avoiding stock-outs and over-buys. Most important, it keeps your customers happy and loyal and enhances your brand ‒ ensuring your ongoing success.

Assortment Planning

Onebeat Assortment Planning is unique in its ability to provide you with advanced analytics that combine historical sales data with strategic financial planning. Historical data is classified, aggregated and analyzed on a store-category level to create a customized and effective assortment plan for each store ‒ while uncovering potential for growth and possible savings. Onebeat provides an easy-to-use and intuitive platform for planning both the next season as well as continuous in-season re-planning, expanding your sales potential and ensuring your bottom line.

Demand Planning

Onebeat Demand Planning enables you to create a high level Merchandise Plan that accurately forecasts demand and performance for each product, based on an advanced statistical analysis of the past season’s sales, combined with the expected changes in assortment and seasonal sales curves. The system combines projected product allocation, varying product lifecycles, and collection (capsule) planning to generate an accurate forecast for each product. With Onebeat, merchandisers are finally freed from rigorous and complex forecasting and calculations, and can focus on creating compelling collections.

Buying Plan

The Onebeat Buying plan translates the artistic decisions of your merchandisers into detailed and product-specific Purchase Orders for vendors. In addition, Onebeat allows ongoing alignment of your in-season buying with current sales, actual inventories, product life extensions or terminations, and existing purchase orders ‒ for each category. With the Onebeat Buying plan you can rest assured that every dollar spent on inventory is a dollar well spent ‒ ensuring you of the best possible ROI.

Increase ROI
Decrease Excess Stock
Store-Specific Planning
Bottom-Up and Top-Down planning
Reduce Planning Cycle Time