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At Onebeat, we elevate how you retail with our best-in-class omnichannel strategy of Smart Replenishment, Store Transfers, and Adaptive Assortments; this is how you transform your inventory strategy for optimal performance.

Smart Replenishment

Onebeat monitors the actual demand of each SKU at every location independently, responding in real-time to ensure optimal inventory and service level targets at every store, for every product, at any time. 

The Onebeat Replenishment system is designed to navigate the myriad of retail’s logistical and financial constraints, ensuring an agile and cost-efficient replenishment strategy. This premium approach not only enhances inventory management but also elevates the overall retail experience.

Store Transfer

Onebeat’s Store Transfer tool enables the effective movement of goods between stores. Whether it is due to broken sizes, complete sets, seasonality, or variability in SKU sales/store, the Onebeat Store Transfer tool will consider the impact on sales, margins, and costs to apply the optimal store transfer automation.

Adaptive Assortment Management

Onebeat Assortment Optimization enables the creation of customized store-specific assortments based on actual in-season demand.
Dynamic Category Management monitors the performance of each category in every store and adjusts each store’s assortment to reflect actual consumer demand. Any misalignment between the assortment plan and the actual requirements is immediately mitigated by an intuitive and effective performance-based Allocation and Liquidation engine.

Onebeat Customers’ Voice

“Onebeat helped us to improve product availability and the quality of inventory in the different stores. It helps us to manage the catalog according to actual client preferences. The unique thing about this solution is its ability to simplify complex algorithms into an “easy to do” decision-making process that everyone in the company can understand and appreciate.”
Jose Angel Reyes
Supply Chain Manager
“Both the Commercial and Technical team were great! We were able to work together, implement and start using the system in less than 10 weeks. Our ability to manage our inventory in these critical times (COVID19 Pandemic) was enhanced.”
Victor A. Mendivil
CIO & CSCO Devlyn Holdings

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