Onebeat SLA Agreement

Onebeat Response to Errors

Onebeat will provide Software Support to Licensee to ensure a consistent and high level of operation of the Software.  In the event Licensee notifies Onebeat of an error in the Software, Onebeat will provide support services necessary to correct the error in accordance with the terms of this agreement.  Onebeat shall use commercially reasonable efforts to correct such errors in accordance with the below definitions and response times, with as little disruption to Licensee’s service as commercially practicable.

      • Defaults shall be rated by severity of the failure of the software product, as determined by Onebeat support team in view of the circumstances at its discretion, as follows:

Severity Level 1: Catastrophic\showstopper – A problem wherein the software is not active and the Licensee has no workaround solution.

(E.g. – Failed to load or recalculate at the server, failed to export output files …)

Severity Level 2: Major problem – A problem wherein the software is operable, but a business application will not run and no reasonable workaround exists, or that frequent failures make the Software Product unreliable.

Severity Level 3: Either one of the following:

  • Major problem wherein the software is operable, but a business application will not run, BUT reasonable workaround exists
  • Minor problem – A problem wherein the Software Product is operable, with no significant impact to production.

Severity Level 4: Insignificant problem or change\request asked by the Licensee – (almost) no impact to production.

      • Response Times.

Onebeat will use best efforts to promptly respond to support calls, as reasonably as possible, and to achieve the response times described in the table below, as may be applicable for each Severity Level.

** In case of a Severity Level 1, Licensee will commit to provide all information required, and 24/7 real time response at Licensee site, by Customer Contact. In the case no such support is provided, the severity will be changed to Severity Level 2.

Severity level

Response Time

Resolution Plan Time

IS investigation effort

Solution timeline


12 Hours



Till solution\ workaround


1 day

Up to 2 days

High – within the weekly working hours

Permanent solution\ Workaround\

Next minor release


1 day

Up to 3 days


Next version


1 day

Up to 3 days


According to OB decision

2.4 Exclusions from Support Services.  Software Support does not include services for any failure or defect in the Software caused by any of the following: (a) the improper use, alteration, or damage of the Software by Licensee or persons other than Onebeat employees or consultants; (b) modifications to the software not made or authorized by Onebeat, unless such modifications were made by a Onebeat employee, subcontractor, agent, or other third party acting on behalf of Onebeat; (c) interaction between the software and operating systems, database software and other software, when Onebeat has not approved such operating system, database software, and other software for use with the software; (d) use of software on hardware other than the Hardware; (e) relocation of the software or network reconfiguration; or (f) failure by Licensee to provide and maintain a suitable installation environment, including but not limited to proper electrical power, air conditioning or humidity control. 

2.5 Updates.  Onebeat agrees to support a previous version release of the Software for two (2) years following release of a new version of the Software.b