+ 20%
Increase In sell-through
inventory Value reduction

Taking Retail
to the Next Level

Powered by AI. Driven by Results.

Turning Forecast Limitations into Potential Revenues

When it comes to long-term forecasting, there's always a substantial margin of error. Making up for inaccuracies is the key to success. Onebeat uses short-term predictions to translate consumer behavior into real-time day-to-day actions that maximize sell-through and overall sales. By breaking the product into basic attributes, Onebeat adjusts the amount of inventory and variety of products for each point of sale and each channel.

Effortless Execution

Onebeat’s In-Season optimization solution had helped hundreds of retailers to make the leap to retail excellence. We take pride in our long-lasting relationships with retailers. We are eager to learn from each one of them and use our vast knowledge and experience to help them grow and become market leaders.

Stores replenished daily
Managed SKUs
Managed Stock Value

Three Drums, One Beat

Onebeat operates three drums that shape the inventory and merchandise plan, synchronizing the full in-season operation, and aligning it with actual and near-future demand – Availability, Assortment and Freshness. Where everyone sees a merchandizing plan, we see the elements behind it. From initial allocation to liquidations, Onebeat’s AI can predict demand patterns and optimize the retail flow accordingly.

Higher Availability

Up to 70% reduction

in SKU Shortage in Stores (OOS)
Less Investment

Up to 50% reduction

in Store Inventory value
Higher Freshness

Up to 30% reduction

in Average Age of Inventory in stores
Higher Margin

Up to 20% increase

in full price Sell-through (Corresponding to 5-10% LTL Store Growth)
In 3 years after partnering with Onebeat, Renuar had benefitted from a significant increase in full price sales, while also decreasing the average inventory in the stores. By using Onebeat Solution, Renuar can adapt the collection in each store to the type of customers shopping at that store.
Serge Derhy  CEO

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