Onebeat Receives the AWS Retail Competency Award, Pioneering AI-Driven Retail Optimization

Onebeat’s AI-driven platform empowers retailers to achieve resilient supply chain operations, maximize sell-through, and boost profitability.

Tel Aviv, New York, – 22 August:

Onebeat, a leading provider of AI-enabled supply chain solutions for retailers, announced that it had achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Retail Competency.  This recognition highlights Onebeat’s dedication to assisting retailers in generating margins through operational excellence and expanding operations beyond the limits of human capabilities.

Onebeat’s achievement of AWS Retail Competency is a testament to its commitment to providing retailers with cutting-edge, AI-driven solutions. The company’s unique AI-driven platform helps retailers optimize in-season inventory levels, ensuring the correct inventory placement and allocation based on real-time demand fluctuations.

As an AWS Retail Competency Partner, we’re committed to democratizing access to advanced solutions in a very complex environment,” says Viki Slavin, COO of Onebeat.

“Our In season AI solution empowers retailers to optimize in-season sales, reduce slow-moving inventory, and execute optimal decisions on a daily basis. We help retailers of all sizes prosper with our solution. With Onebeat, the top-down vision aligns with bottom-up reality by synchronizing business operations to capitalize on daily market needs. We use AI to boost In-season sell-through and increase Margins.  

Onebeat‘s solution stands on three fundamental pillars that shape inventory and merchandise planning: availability, assortment, and freshness. By aligning a store’s stock mix to sell products at full price, retailers can seize opportunities at the early stages of each season, promising impressive sell-through results.

Onebeat’s recognition with the AWS Retail Competency underscores our dedication to the industry. This recognition from AWS is a testament to our technical expertise, commitment to high standards, and our proven success in the retail realm”, says Shani Abramovich-Volkovitz, VP of Partnerships at Onebeat. “Our platform empowers retailers to make data-driven decisions, boosting profitability and streamlining operations.”

Onebeat’s innovative approach has already been trusted by over 180 retailers across 26 countries in various retail sectors, from fashion, footwear, liquor, consumer electronics, and more. Onebeat offers a complimentary assessment of your inventory health through the AWS Marketplace. This assessment allows you to understand the potential benefits that Onebeat can bring to your operations without disturbing your existing processes.