Spare Parts and After-Market

Primary Challenge:

Wide range of SKUs and high service level requirement

Negative Consequence:

High working capital of slow-moving items combined with painful stockouts

Our Approach:

Smart Replenishment ensures fast-demand-driven replenishment from strategic aggregation points while the Store Transfer engine enables cross-location fulfillment management

The result:


availability improvement

We Know your Industry

After-market service consists of managing inventory of vast numbers of parts with a requirement for swift response and often immediate availability. Maintaining material readiness while managing working capital is a real challenge. Stockouts result in disappointed and frustrated customers and channel partners. Aged, non-moving inventory can be accumulated for years.

Every SKU in the Onebeat platform is continuously tracked in real time and replenished based on demand. As a result, the system allows for holding lower stock per SKU and broadens the range of required items. Fast demand-driven replenishment coupled with holding the right stock at strategic aggregation points enables much higher inventory turns and higher customer satisfaction.

Dynamic Inventory Management
Adjusting inventory targets based on daily analysis of consumption and supply patterns per SKU in each location.
Smart Replenishment
Prioritized replenishment based on actual sales potential.
Store Transfer
Fulfill sales potential and eliminate waste by transferring stock between stores based on actual stores’ performance data.
“Implementing Onebeat, which is based on the Theory Of Constraints, has enabled SkyWest to improve our ability to prioritize the greatest needs and dedicate the resources necessary to solve them holistically”
Nik Wolford
Director Supply Chain, SkyWest Inc

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