Hardware and DIY

Primary Challenge:

Too much inventory is spread across different products and categories, while service level is still an issue

Negative Consequence:

Lower return on sales and return on inventory

Our Approach:

Smart allocator integrates financial considerations with inventory management to maximize availability and meet desired margins. Using our Effective Assortment Manager, we monitor every category’s performance and adjust its range accordingly.

The result:


ROI increase


sales increase


or more inventory decline

We Know your Industry

Hardware and DIY retailers need to manage wide assortments across multiple categories. Maintaining high service levels while ensuring high inventory turns is a constant challenge. Mismanaging category performance typically leads to low Return On Sales and Return On Inventory.

Onebeat’s smart allocator integrates financial metrics with inventory management algorithms to maximize availability and meet desired margins. Our effective assortment module monitors every category’s performance and adjusts its range accordingly. As a result, Return On Inventory dramatically improves while service levels remain high.

Dynamic Inventory Management
Adjusting inventory targets based on daily analysis of consumption and supply patterns per SKU in each location.
Smart Replenishment
Prioritized replenishment based on actual sales potential.
Store Transfer
Fulfill sales potential and eliminate waste by transferring stock between stores based on actual stores’ performance data.
“We are managing more than 50 warehouses throughout our supply chain; they are based across Europe. All of them are managed entirely from our central office in Vilnius through one system: Onebeat. By integrating production facilities in Europe into our supply chain, the time between order and delivery has been reduced from three weeks to one week. Using Onebeat, we are able to control the inventory across the whole supply chain. This is the future for every organization that wishes to remain ahead in today’s competitive environment. We cannot imagine our company working via the old methods in which orders are planned from previous sales.”
Rinardas Goda
Tegra Presidant

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