Primary Challenge:

The extreme variety of styles compounded with a wide range of sizes

Negative Consequence:

Customers cannot find their size (broken sizes), damaging the loyalty and relationship between retailers and clients

Our Approach:

Smart Allocator, Replenishment and Store Transfers modules constantly monitor sales across channels and consolidate product sets to the places with the highest demand.

The result:


Reduction in stockouts

We Know your Industry

Footwear retailers need to cater to large-size curves and many colors, styles, and widths while dealing with limited display space and significant differences between stores. To further complicate the situation, the typically long lifecycle is being constantly reduced as consumer demand for freshness increases and new product introductions become more frequent.

With Onebeat, you can manage the complexity of a wide selection, seasonality, OmniChannel, new product introduction, core items as well as limited collections. Onebeat for footwear tackles these critical issues, ensuring  rapid and ongoing improvement. From flexible planning and buying to a powerful execution engine including: Smart Allocator with freshness drum synchronizes inventory and merchandise management, ensuring availability of sellable items and creating flow of new products in line with slow mover sellouts.

The system includes flexible planning and buying, as well as a powerful execution engine that synchronizes inventory and merchandise management, ensuring the availability of sellable items and a flow of new products in line with slow-mover sellouts.

Smart Replenishment
Prioritized replenishment based on actual sales potential.
Store Transfer
Fulfill sales potential and eliminate waste by transferring stock between stores based on actual stores’ performance data.
Smart Allocator
Intuitive allocation engine that performs both initial and in-season allocation of new products.
“Onebeat helped us to improve product availability and the quality of inventory in the different stores. It helps us to manage the catalog according to actual client preferences. The unique thing about this solution is its ability to simplify complex algorithms into an “easy to do” decision-making process that everyone in the company can understand and appreciate.”
Jose Angel Reyes
Supply Chain Manager Dportenis

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