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The Onebeat ROI Calculator is based on key metrics from both our industry and global benchmarks; which we’ve constructed through business experience. Our estimations are derived from how similar brands to yours perform using Onebeat’s solutions.

Onebeat uses short-term predictions to translate consumer behavior into real-time day-to-day actions that maximize sell-through and overall sales. By breaking the product into basic attributes, Onebeat adjusts the amount of inventory and variety of products for each point of sale and each channel.

Onebeat Customers’ Voice

“In 3 years after partnering with Onebeat, Renuar had benefited from a significant increase in full price sales, while also decreasing the average inventory in the stores. By using Onebeat Solution, Renuar can adapt the collection in each store to the type of customers shopping at that store.”

Serge Derhy
CEO, Renuar

“Both the commercial and technical team were great! We were able to work together, implement and start using the system in less than 10 weeks. Our ability to manage our inventory in these critical times (COVID-19 pandemic) was enhanced.”

Victor Mendivil
CIO & CSCO, Devlyn

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