Jewelry & Luxury Products

Primary Challenge:

A long tail of products

Negative Consequence:

Accumulation of deadstock resulting in low inventory turns

Our Approach:

The tail rotation engine powered by our store transfer module maximizes the availability of best sellers and synchronizes the introduction of new products instead of slow movers.

The result:


higher inventory turnover

We Know your Industry

Jewelry and Luxury retailers need to manage high working capital, primarily made up of natural slow-moving products. As a result, the accumulation of non-moving stock is the norm. At the same time, customers are expecting to see brand-new collections. Maintaining freshness in the stores while handling non-moving items creates constant tension.

Onebeat for Jewelry and luxury products automatically segments and classifies products based on their contribution to sales and differentiates how each product is treated. This segmentation ensures exceptional availability of best sellers, an ongoing liquidation and rotation of slow-movers, and a dynamic and customized assortment for each store ‒ maximizing revenue from every client. Onebeat’s algorithm aligns the introduction of the latest products with the flash out of slower-moving items, enabling the constant effective flow of merchandise.

Best Seller Utilization
Protect sales by leveraging the potential of fast moving items. Ensure best sellers are populated at the right stores, at the right quantity.
Tail Rotation
Prevent accumulation and aging of stock by intelligently rotating the right products at the right time to the right stores based on real data.
Adaptive Assortment Management
Maximize the effectiveness of each store’s offering by monitoring and adjusting the range of products in each category based on real on-time data.
“I am happy to share that, at last, after many years of search, by associating ourselves with Onebeat, we have found the right science, helping us to have the right merchandise mix, at any given point of time, in each one of our stores. Our TOC journey has helped us to re- define the way they look at constraints and conflicts in our supply chain”
L R Natarajan
CMO, Tanishq

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