Onebeat Three Drums

Using Onebeat, you are able to decouple your operation from long-term erroneous predictions.

Onebeat operates three drums that shape your inventory and merchandise plan: Availability, Assortment, and Freshness. Based on these drums, Onebeat AI algorithms enhance your planning and execution strategy to operate the merchandise flow from procurement through
in-season operation.

Retailers need to meet increasing customer demands for availability, personalization, and freshness, while handling shorter product lifecycles, expanding assortment options, and shortages of best sellers and excess stock.

In this challenging new world, you need a platform that is designed to simplify complexity and react to the ever-changing reality.

How we do it

Smart Replenishment

Onebeat monitors the actual demand of each SKU at every location independently and reacts in real-time to ensure the optimal inventory target and service level for every product at any given time.

Using advanced demand-driven analytics, Onebeat ensures that inventory is always distributed to the locations where it will have the highest sales potential to maximize sell-through and ROI. Onebeat Replenishment considers various logistical and financial constraints and policies to generate an agile and cost-effective replenishment mechanism.

Store Transfer Engine

Onebeat’s Store Transfer tool enables the effective movement of goods between stores. Whether it is due to broken sizes, complete sets, seasonality, or variability in SKU sales/store, the Onebeat Store Transfer tool will consider the impact on sales, margins, and costs to apply the optimal store transfer automation.

Special Events

Onebeat’s Special Events tracks the performance of each product in each store to help you prepare for seasonal and promotional events. Additionally, Onebeat algorithms signal the right timing for slow movers liquidation to avoid EOS clearance. The granular performance data of each SKU and each category in each store is used as a base for next season’s planning.

Adaptive Assortment Management

Onebeat Assortment Optimization enables the creation of customized store-specific assortments based on actual in-season demand.
Dynamic Category Management monitors the performance of each category in every store and adjusts each store’s assortment to reflect actual consumer demand. Any misalignment between the assortment plan and the actual requirements is immediately mitigated by an intuitive and effective performance-based Allocation and Liquidation engine.

Smart Allocator

Onebeat offers an advanced yet intuitive allocation engine that performs both initial and in-season allocation of new products to stores.

The system handles complex allocation strategies. By analyzing historical and recent sales data, space, and financial considerations, Onebeat ensures the correct allocation of products and collections before and during the season. In addition, Onebeat analyzes and calculates the optimal size curves for every product in each location, determining which sizes go to which stores.

Demand Forecasting (S&OP)

Combining the benefits of a Bottom-Up and Top-Down planning approach, Onebeat meshes consumer-centric analysis with strategic and budget-driven planning.

Leveraging the best of both worlds, Onebeat’s advanced algorithms analyze every category’s performance at every store, as well as your high-level budget strategy, and align them perfectly according to your evolving reality.

Omnichannel Fulfillment Engine

Onebeat Omnichannel Fulfillment Engine ensures on time demand fulfillment coming from e-commerce or physical stores while maintaining desired inventory levels.

Onebeat Fulfillment Engine analyzes and suggests the most suitable fulfillment method, either from the distribution center or by utilizing stock already allocated to stores. Our advanced and continuous updated analytics factor parmeters such as Rate of Sales, inventory levels, supply in transit, display consideration, cost of shipment etc. to form a seamless fulfillment network.

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