Say Hello to Onebeat’s new look and feel

Today, we are launching a new brand and a new onboarding process for our clients.

Like many of our trusted partners, we loved our old look and logo.

And yet, we decided to evolve.

Our first logo was created to emphasize that every business needs to keep its beat. As in music, the beat represents the speed at which a track is played, a business survives when its people make the right decisions at the right time.

Old and new logo

Change is an important step in every business. It is a defining moment for the future of our company. Our team and clients have nailed the business beat and now we are ready for a greater challenge – synchronizing all the retail aspects, from deep analytics to full execution. That’s why we chose new colors and a circle that represent:

Dark blue – as reflected in the sky and the oceans – emphasizes the knowledge and reliability we deliver in our solutions. 

Fuchsia pink – presents playfulness – our new design is clean, easy to use and even fun to handle! We believe good user experience is a key for achieving goals in such a complex environment. 

Circle – harmony, we constantly streamline all retail aspects, and improve in each iteration, based on each client’s unique situation.

We believe that even with different colors, we maintain the spirit of our original mission – provide high-resolution, high-frequency adaptive inventory & assortment management solutions to help retailers prosper and boost profitability.

New brand design system

We’ll not bore you with the design thinking and the meaning of every angle and curve of the new logo – you’re busy people. Our main intention for this post is to let you know about our new look, so you won’t be too surprised when the icons on your phone/laptop/tablet look a bit more joyful.

Today we are celebrating our new website’s launch. In the coming months, all of Onebeat’s visuals will align around this new brand. It’s still us but more recognizable.

Last but not least,
In order to enable our partners and clients to get full transparency and work with datasets of any size we’ve built a reliable, fast and secured data solution.

We facilitate integrations of client data sources with Hardware, Agents, APIs, VPNs, and more. You can pick the option that suits you best.

We’re grateful to make this change with our amazing partners and talented team.