Smart Replenishment

Optimizing Replenishment: Dynamic Store Prioritization with Constraints for Maximum Sales Impact

Common Practice:

In the realm of inventory management, the traditional approach to store replenishment often fails to address the challenges posed by constraints such as limited supply, logistical limitations, and varying store demands. The common practice of prioritizing based on store size or rank overlooks the dynamic nature of retail and leads to imbalances in inventory allocation.. However, there is a solution that revolutionizes store replenishment by prioritizing inventory allocation based on real-time signals and capturing the true consumption patterns at the SKU-Location level.

The Problem:

The traditional approach fails to adapt to changing demand dynamics and constraints. As a result, some stores are consistently overstocked while others face stockouts and missed sales opportunities. This leads to lost sales, dissatisfied customers, and increased carrying costs. Furthermore, the static nature of traditional prioritization hinders retailers from effectively responding to real-time consumption patterns and optimizing inventory allocation across their store network.

What Can Be Changed:

To overcome the limitations of traditional store replenishment prioritization, retailers can adopt an advanced solution that prioritizes inventory allocation based on real signals and captures the unique consumption patterns of each SKU-Location combination. By leveraging AI-powered algorithms and real-time data, retailers can dynamically prioritize replenishment on a daily basis, ensuring that the right inventory reaches the right places where it has the highest chance of being sold.

The Impact:

This dynamic and focused approach enables retailers to optimize inventory utilization, minimize stockouts, and maximize sell-through. Implementing a dynamic and SKU-Location-based prioritization approach has a profound impact on the main KPIs.

The Result:

Increase full price sales items

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