Sporting Goods

The retail sporting goods world is experiencing rapid and significant changes. Previously dealing with narrow and specialized lines of products, sporting goods stores now offer a multitude of items from various categories ‒ including seasonal apparel as well as shoes and equipment ‒ each with an increasingly shorter lifecycle. Consumer demand for freshness is growing, and new product launches are more frequent than ever before. You need to keep up with this lean, fast-paced industry, and the considerable investment it now requires. You need to plan for upcoming seasons while preparing for next generation equipment ‒ and maintain an exceptional service level and shopping experience for your customers, who expect knowledgeable staff with substantial expertise.

We understand the pressures you face ‒ because we have been advising sporting goods retailers for over a decade. Our solutions meet your most critical challenges, and prepare you for tomorrow. Enabling agile planning, dynamic execution, and real-time, store-by-store, item-by-item optimization, Onebeat increases your profitability while decreasing your risk … and makes your life so much easier.

Bottom-up approach to planning: customer centric plan
Size curve management: Initial allocation (extreme sizes) and broken set consolidation
Dynamic and reactive inventory management
Dynamic liquidation and allocation
Stories and capsules
Inter-store transfers
Before, I had a team of 20 skilled workers engaged in executing daily replenishment of 15 million Location-SKUs, spending 90% of their time on handling store requests. Today, a team of ten people is easily and effectively managing all replenishment operations. Marco Cunha – Head of Downstream Operation, Sportzone
Improved ROI
Reduced Excess Stock
Increased Freshness
Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Increased Merchandise Effectiveness